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Let your brides shop the rack and say "Yes!" to the cookie!


This unique cookie display brings a fun element to your bridal boutique and treats your guests to something a little sweet.   Your bride will get to browse through the sample dresses rack and when she says YES! to the one, you will be able to bring her dress cookie out from the back; packaged individually and ready for her to take home. 


You can also use the rack to display the cookies to sell, with the same concept of having them shop the rack for the dress cookie that is just right for them.  MSRP is $6 per cookie. 


This subscription service is for 6 months and will come with a dress rack, 5 hangers with a sample dress cookie attached on each hanger and 15 individually packaged wedding dress cookies.  Cookies have a shelf life of 1 month.   The dress cookies on the hangers are meant to be on display for the length of your subscription and not to be eaten. 


Month 1 you will get your cookie rack with 5 display cookies and 15 individually packaged cookies. 

Month 2-6 you will get 15 individually packaged cookies each month. 

(each subscription will be mailed out the 1st of the month.  Subscriptions that are started the 16-30th of a month will start the second month after month of order. Please email us with questions)


Cookies will be an assortment of shapes and designs like the sample images. (5 designs total)  Custom designs can be ordered via email after subscription is purchased, subject to upcharge based on requested designs. Email


*dress rack will come unassembled, with the necesary screws and screwdriver needed to assemble yourself. *


Shipping to US included.

Wedding Dress Rack & Sugar Cookies

Price Options
6 months of Dresses
subscribe and save 30%
$84.00every month for 6 months
  • Cookies are nut free but are produced in a facility that contains nuts.   Cookies do contain gluten, eggs, and butter.   

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