Two layers of French macaron are sandwiched together with buttercream, fruit, and filling and shaped into a lovely initial. Topped with more fruit, buttercream and macarons.  FLAVORS Pink Strawberry: filled with jam and fresh strawberries Red Raspberry: filled with preserves and raspberries Yellow Raspberry Lemonade: filled with lemon curd and fresh raspberriesBerry Purple: filled with mixed berries and berry preservesConfetti Cake Batter: filled with buttercream, confetti cake crumbles and sprinkles (no fruit on this flavor)This macaron cake serves 10-12 and comes with 12 macarons.  Whatever macarons do not fit on the cake will be packaged separately. Macaron Cake should be room temperature while serving and should be cut with a serrated knife.  *contains Almonds

Macaron Cake Initial